Paid Guided Meditations

Paid Guided Meditations

These top quality recordings are my best exercises.  The music establishes and sustains the right frame of mind.  I think you’ll get a lot out of them.

Listen to each introduction a couple of times.  Listen to each exercise until you can do it on your own, then go on the next.  Keep them handy to brush up on your skills.

Consider this:  Repetition enhances your learning, making the skill easier to apply when you really need it.

Training your mind and changing your brain take some time.  Progress may not be obvious at first.  However, one day, you’ll be surprised that you didn’t explode with anger or drop into a funk–and instead noticed a response that was a little more patient, a little more considerate, and produced less regret.

You’ll know then, without a doubt, that your practice is paying off.

My Best

Complete Bundle

Receive the entire series at a discount.  Read descriptions of the particular recordings in the fields below.

  1. Introduction to Entire Series
  2. Calm + Introduction to Calm
  3. Gratitude + Introduction to Gratitude
  4. The Best Gift + Introduction to The Best Gift
  5. Manage Pain + Introduction to Manage Pain
  6. Run Toward the Demon + Intro to Run Toward the Demon

Listen free to the Introduction to Entire Series below for a foretaste of this specially priced bundle.



De-stress and down regulate the fight/flight reaction to uncover the serenity.  Learn to change your physiology with your awareness and your breath.








With guidance, draw your attention to areas of your life that are good, happy and wholesome.  Increase your perceived quality of life and boost your happiness level with this inside job.

The Best Gift


Be your own best friend instead of your own worst enemy.  Learn to direct kindness and acceptance toward yourself.  You will benefit…and so those around you.

Manage Pain


Leverage your understanding of the 3 components of pain to reduce its negative impact.  You’ll be amazed what you can do with your mind!

Run Toward the Demon


Engage your imagination to understand what you have to learn through any situation that is difficult, confusing, or painful.  Active imagination is like your intuition on a big screen TV with surround sound.

More Creative

“Simply wonderful. You did an amazing job. Rave reviews. Much more to go, but what an incredible 1st step. You did such a great job – everyone loved it and loved you. You have an incredible way and a tremendous impact on people….Even more accolades are coming every corner I turn. Everyone I have seen today says VERY positive things. I love the impact – different, new, creative. We are helping our creative team be … CREATIVE !”

Markus Saba, Diabetes Global Lead