What Clients Say

What Clients Say

Calm and Clarity

Dee Williams

I was blessed enough to experience Mindful Mentoring with Greg in April and May of 2021. I had made this decision during a tumultuous time where both my personal and professional life was undergoing a period of extreme change. I was unclear, anxious and fearful of the decisions I had to make and was looking for guidance and support. In Greg, I found everything I was seeking and so much more. Greg has the exquisite and rare capability to provide the most nurturing, personal and supportive environment where you can feel truly safe and open. He was able to identify my needs organically and provide thoughtful and insightful responses. Using a range of techniques, Greg was able to invoke a sense of calm and clarity that I could tap into outside of our sessions, empowering me to address my fears and life decisions in a healthy way. I feel better equipped to deal with the known and unknown and feel confident I am better prepared for life’s inevitable struggles. I implore anyone seeking guidance and support in their life to work with Greg, he is truly remarkable.

Yoga Kinship


Dee Williams, Founder

Best I've Experienced

Greg’s introduction at this conference is the best I’ve experienced in 25 years of countless conferences.  The way Greg got the group grounded and ready for authentic, collaborative and productive work could not have been better.


John Foster, Director

Positive. Calm. Focused.

I was very dissatisfied with my life. I was stressed and felt like I was always running behind, which made everything else worse. My time with Greg was the peak of my week. I learned to use my body to calm, quiet, and focus my mind. Amazing! Just 5 minutes powerfully and positively impacted my whole day. Now I’m more in control and feel better. And if I’m stressed, I know exactly what to do to calm down and refocus. Greg helped me realize that there is more beauty in this world than I thought and that I’ve a role to play in making even better. Greg pushes me in a good way.


Laurent Grandet, Head of Global Intelligence

A Wiser Version of Myself

Talking with Greg feels like interacting with a wiser version of myself. With Greg I learned to view growth as going deep instead of wide.  I learned to acknowledge my areas of expertise and seek out the expertise of others.  I came to understand that my roles are separate from who I am and find authentic ways to fulfill them. And I learned how to prioritize when commitments seem conflicting and options are overwhelming.


Jordan Fischer, Senior Manager, Digital Product Management, Capital One

Better Communication, Better Decisions

I catch my negative mind before it spirals out of control, plus, I can catch myself before I do something I’ll regret. When I practice mindfulness in meetings I am less reactive — I see situations more clearly and solutions more easily.  I communicate better and make better decisions.  Our meetings are smoother—and shorter!  I can see the difference mindfulness makes to our bottom line.


Brent Hall, President, Pinnacle Capital

Challenges into Opportunities

I first heard about Greg when the head of a speakers bureau said he was the best speaker at Wisdom 2.0.  I met him, then booked him to speak at a Social Venture Network conference. I’ve heard a lot of great speakers over the years, and Greg is one that I will always remember. He weaves science, humor, spirituality and personal stories into an experiential session that helps people connect with themselves and each other, and enables them to see themselves, their challenges and opportunities in a new light. Greg is a total delight, and a very gifted teacher.


Deb Nelson, Exec. Dir., Social Ventures Network

Calm. Clear. Creative.

Greg’s Private Guided Meditation Retreat (MindSpa) is a long vacation packed into one day.  The result is a mind that is calm, clear, creative + humble. There was a time in my life where I wanted to as much control as I could get, but mindfulness taught me that I already have control — over myself. I no longer seek control, and my relationships are better because of it. And relationships are the foundation of business. Mindfulness also clears my mind enough to be motivated to follow certain goals. When the mind is too busy, it cannot think creatively. Creative solutions are just as good as — if not better than — technical solutions.


Todd Gamber, Founder and CEO Confidence Interval

The Happiness of Childhood

You feel the happiness of childhood when everything was turning in love. You feel the “never-mind” attitude and the “let’s go on to the next good thing” attitude. You know what it means to live in the moment and can be here, now. You can be kind again—and not intellectualize too much.


Denis Doiseau, CEO, Germany

Focused. Relaxed. Less Judging.

Both the meditations and the exercises were really helpful. Next to the direct effects of your lessons, there were many indirect effects. Together, I have increased my focus on presence because of you, I became less judgmental about others and myself because of you, and therefore more relaxed but am able to focus more because of you.


Justin Timmer, Quantified -Self Researcher, Netherlands

The Future of Work & Workers

What glorious fools we are (especially the more educated of our species), confusing knowledge for wisdom and thereby ensuring that we understand neither. We compound this with hubris – witness the feverish efforts to bestow upon machines a consciousness we can barely grasp!

Thankfully, help is at hand. It was announced (in these parts) by Time Magazine’s Feb. 2014 cover: ‘The Mindful Revolution’. Ill-chosen journalistic metaphors aside, there is a movement to better learn our own minds, and Greg is very much a part of it. He combines the discipline of a monk and the openness of an adventurer to design and facilitate mindfulness programs and sessions, fitted to the needs (and culture) of teams and organizations. The results usually include a heightened sense of purpose and engagement, more group cohesion, and less stressful working environments.

A world framed by plummeting employee engagement (63% of global workers are disengaged – Gallup 2013) and rising stress levels (the key 21st century public-health challenge – WHO) desperately needs a new view of productivity. And Greg is part of a vanguard that is helping reframe the productivity conversation from one of ‘headcounts’ (quantity) to one of human potential (quality). It is no wonder then that the list of companies partnering with Greg reads like a list of those thinking long and hard about the future of work and workers.


Manoj Fenelon; Dir. Foresight & Innovation

Grounded. Connected. Balanced.

Greg’s Mindfulness Retreat benefited me on several levels:
~I learned to be grounded AND deeply connected with others
~I discovered new techniques to deepen my practice at home            ~I left better informed, open-hearted, curious, balanced & uplifted
And besides, Greg’s personal approach and spontaneity delightfully highlighted his humility and honesty.


Priscilla Borges, Co-owner of Internet-Minded Design and Development

Terror & Inner Peace

Greg that meeting with you was fantastic and epic. I now walk towards the solution the way you advised me: One-step forward at a time. Arms swinging. Chest open. Head high. Full of curiosity…. It is amazing how a single email can trigger terror and a simple wisdom practice can restore inner peace.


Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist, Brand Marketing

New. Creative. Profitable.

We produce the biggest natural products events in the world.

We hired Greg to create trust, connection and collaboration amongst our new brands.  He led 350+ entrepreneurs to stretch beyond their comfort zones to be vulnerable and authentic with each other.  His work is vital to establish foundations for healthy, creative, new and profitable partnerships.


Image result for new hope network logo


Denver Lewis, Community + Conference Content Manager, New Hope

Trust + Respect = Shift

Greg provided inspirational coaching, guidance and support to all our program attendees. He quickly established relationships of trust and respect, whilst at the same time guiding folks to experience a shift in their personal perspective. This was hugely beneficial in the corporate environment, but also in the home life of all individuals who interacted with Greg.


Annemie Ress, Worldwide Innovation Lead, eBay

Presence. Balance. Authenticity.

I lived constantly in my mind. My job was intense and fast-paced.  It taught me I was effective if I was quick, resilient, in control, unemotional, driven and competitive. I lived a very ‘uni-dimensional’ life. Happiness and fulfillment were rarely experienced. Fear dominated.

From Greg I learned the tools to be present, courageous and curious.  When I look back to where I was when we started and where I am now I can hardly believe the difference—now I am confident, balanced and authentic!


Thashmi Doorasamy, Chief Compliance Officer, Massmart

Best Idea in Years

We had the pleasure of enlisting Greg to conduct a mindfulness seminar with a large group of our creatives. The reception was unanimously positive. Beyond learning techniques and about the importance of incorporating mindfulness into our lives as professionals under daily stress, there was a palpable sense of excitement and team-building. Of the 40 attendees, more than half asked the very next day if we could repeat the experience. And our CEO even said “this is the best idea we’ve had in 10 years.” Greg’s approach, attentiveness and embodied example combine to inspire.


Evan Fry, Exec. Dir. Creative Development, CP+B

Contentment. Self-Control. Productivity.

Our work has been incredibly powerful. I have learned so much. I have practiced hard and seen the power it brings: contentment + increased productivity, improved communications, heightened self-control, better relationships at work and at home. And peace.

Work in Progress



Evan Russack, Co-founder Work-in Progress

Compassion. Reduced Stress. Loved It!

Workshop for community health staff

Over all rating: good-excellent–86%

Feedback: I love the variety of exercises. I like how open and close I felt to my colleagues.  I have new tools I can use everyday to reduce stress, cultivate compassion and develop mindfulness.  I loved its interactive nature.  The worst part–too short!


IU Health Bloomington Community Health

Productive. Spacious. Gentle.

One of the biggest “tools” I keep coming back to is the understanding that the focus of my attention is directly proportional to the quality of my experience.  This has helped me to be mindful of the thought patterns I have (like, “I don’t have enough time”, “I’m so busy”, etc) and then be more cognizant of 1) if I want to put my attention into that mindset and 2) what would be a more productive, spacious, and gentle mindset I could pick instead.  It has also helped me to remember that I really can only do one thing at a time and any time I’m trying to do more, the quality of my experience will decrease greatly.


Kristin Keffeler, Founder and CEO 360 Illumination

Positive Disruption

It’s about how you feel with Greg; peaceful…and simultaneously challenged. It’s about how you feel after Greg is gone; renewed, inspired, and more able to bear the lack of resolution in life. It’s about the kind of thoughts you think with Greg—fresh, panoramic ideas bursting with potential. It’s about how you think after he’s gone; more self reflective, more considerate, kinder, simpler.


Fiona Dickie, Executive Coach, UK

Life isn’t easier, but I’m a whole lot better.

Greg trained my team coaches and consultants and lived with my family for a week. His presence had such a strong impact on me, my family and my team that I wanted to write this spontaneous recommendation.

I’ve experienced many coaching modalities, but Greg’s BEING helped me more than any of them. It had a positive and calming influence on me, my wife, our children, and even our dog.

Also Greg’s self control is very high. I’ve been training my nervous system in ice baths for more than a year and I invited Greg to give it a try. When he was suddenly immersed in ice water I saw Greg observe his feelings, accept them fully, and relax. Even though it was his first time, he stayed in frigid water longer then I!

“Observe. Accept. Relax.” This is now my mantra when I encounter a traffic jam, unexpected taxes, a child who can’t sleep or a dog tracking mud in the house.

I am more optimistic because I see positive possibilities that were invisible before.

I’ve been practicing regularly ever since we met. His “beingness” showed me what’s possible. It works like a magnet, pulling me towards mindful living. I learned that BEING is as important as DOING. That changes how I work, and how I relate with my wife, children…and dog.

Life isn’t easier, but I’m a whole lot better.


Peter v. Eijndhoven, Founder & CEO, Senter, Netherlands

Energized. Peaceful. Strong.

Great facilitation and meditations. I feel energized, peaceful and strong.  I can put my best self forward. The other retreats are already on my calendar. It was that good!


Cynthia Bretheim, Founder of DIY Wellbeing

A Lifelong Practice

I learned a lifelong practice that unburdens me and ripples out to affect my work, marriage and children.




Lacey Books, Founder and CEO YouthRoots