Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring

Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring

Allow me to tailor-fit a 10 to 16-session course to introduce you to (or deepen your practice of) mindfulness throughout your day, everyday. In-person or over videoconference, consistency is key to maximizing improvement, depth of learning and reinforcement of helpful habits.

What You Get

  • Extended support and extensive guidance
  • Accountability
  • Research from neuroscience and positive psychology
  • Guided meditation
  • Recordings of guided meditation for practice at home
  • Links to topics for further investigation
  • Techniques to flourish at home and work


  • Medium:  In person, by phone or virtual
  • Sessions:  10-16, 1 hour each
  • Frequency:  Weekly or bi-weekly
  • Investment:  Starts at $3897

Less Stress, More Happiness

“I needed to gain some clarity on choices in my career and in my personal life. I learned to get to the heart of matter. I have more focus, clarity, and creativity to address issues.  I waste less energy and experience less stress. I have confidence in my viewpoints and express them clearly. I give feedback effectively.  I create and discuss strategy with superiors and create real change in the direction of our company. All this with a higher general level of happiness.”

Carlton Dunn, General Manager at Select Design