Meditation Courses

Meditation Courses

Neuroscience has objectively shown what monks and novices have subjectively experienced for thousands of years. Mindfulness practice doesn’t just feel good, it literally reroutes your neural pathways, replacing negative ruts with positive grooves. When your mind performs more efficiently, flexibly and productively, everything else improves. Your health, your profession, your relationships.

Guided meditation may be the best way to get started and is available through each of the 3 packages below.



Recommended for any experience level

Mind-Spa (Private Retreat)
Spend a full day in nature, living, eating and practicing as a monk does. Engaging, revelatory & restful.

Mindfulness & Meditation Mentoring
Spend weekly or bi-weekly hours, in-person or over video conference, establishing the habits and consistency to reap the most from mindfulness practice.  Broad, deep & life-altering.

Group Training

Group activities, accountability & fun

Company Mindfulness Training
The most effective and financially efficient option for companies.

Group Meditation Sessions
One of the best possible learning situations: live and part of a group.


My most convenient offerings

Guided Meditations for a small fee
High quality guided meditations for purchase.

Free Guided Meditations
Guided meditations recorded live.

eMindful Life Affiliate
Live, guided mindfulness sessions throughout the day, everyday.