Greg’s company offers expert training and guided meditation online, at companies, and 1-to-1.

     Less stress
     More calm
     Higher productivity
     Better relationships

Greg Burdulis teaches mindfulness internationally.  He is a former monk and creator of The Power of Presence.

Recent Feedback:

“Greg’s Mindfulness Retreat benefited me on several levels:
~I learned to be grounded AND deeply connected with others
~I discovered new techniques to deepen my practice at home                                                                                         ~I left better informed, open-hearted, curious, balanced and uplifted
And besides, Greg’s personal approach and spontaneity delightfully highlighted his humility and honesty.”

Priscilla Borges,                                                                Co-owner of Internet-Minded Design and Development




“Great facilitation and meditations. I feel energized, peaceful and strong.  I can put my best self forward. The other retreats are already on my calendar. It was that good.”

Cynthia Bretheim,                                                                            Founder of DIY Wellbeing

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