Company Mindfulness Training

Company Training & Group Meditation Facilitation

“Company Mindfulness Training reduces workplace stress and increases focus, productivity, morale and overall health.  Mindfulness training positively impacts the company’s bottom line:  Aetna recently concluded that mindfulness training creates a potential savings of $5000 a year / employee.”

Source: Harvard Business Review “The Busier You Are, the More You Need Mindfulness”

Best Mindfulness Experience at Google

USA, UK, Europe

4.8 / 5

Great program. I loved it!

These programs make Google a very unique place and culture and have a direct impact on employee well being, productivity and creativity.

These kind of programs make Google a more successful and profitable business and has a direct business impact.

I was very impressed with Greg – what he brought was very easy to implement, real, and incredibly helpful. One of the best mindfulness experiences I have had here at Google.

A lot of useful information and insight were presented in a very effective manner.

The approach to difficult conversations is very promising and opened new ways for me to handle my old issues.

The negativity bias helps me understand my brain’s default state and realize there’s nothing wrong with me.  This is incredibly reassuring.  Equally, neuroplasticity is incredibly hopeful!

Just being in the presence of someone who has significant experience with mindfulness is beneficial as a way to see “what can be.”

I learned so much about mindfulness along with nuggets of neuroscience that help me understand mediation in concrete terms.

Greg’s warm and approachable style make it easy to learn from him.

You inspire me on a much broader level than your words and teachings.

Greg seemingly effortlessly combines what I would like to embody when I grow up as a teacher :D:

    1. deep groundedness in body and soul
    2. boundless yet mature and confident enthusiasm for the work and the people
    3. the fresh, open and freely approachable spirit of a child


Honest and Direct Communication

“Seems like our teams gel exponentially more each time. I can tell Greg’s work is paying off because communication has become more direct and honest, while removing personal attachment. Bodes  really well for the high speed train coming that is launch.”


Kevin Coleman, Senior VP

Satisfied Clients


  • Very flexible offerings–collaborate with Greg to meet your company’s needs
    • Team-building retreats
    • Workshops
    • Courses
    • Team coaching
  • Available on-site, remotely, or a mix of the two

NEW!   Simple, easy to use, cost-effective ways to improve productivity !

  • 1 & 3-minute guided exercises on audio files for everyone in your company
  • Greg customizes recordings to create conditions for calm, concentrated work that employees can access anytime.
  • Greg also creates audio files of brief practices to foster highly focused meetings that are shorter and more productive.

Best Forum To Date!


4.7 / 5

This was GREAT!  The content, perspective and activities go straight to the core of leadership development. Unlike anything we have experienced at Lilly.

I absolutely loved this training!

I am thrilled to see the company invest in mindfulness and in its employees in such a manner. Shows we are innovative in our approach. Facilitator was excellent. This is something we need to do more of!

Way to step out of the box and bring us something that will help develop us people as well as coaches

Very effective training.  I found significant value in the forum!

Best coaching forum to date. Highly needed and applicable in both personal and professional. I took a lot out of it and will try to apply it in my daily behaviors.

Content was fantastic.

This was the best coaching forum so far! I loved the content.  I was very engaged and will share this with my team at our next staff meeting

I learned practices that I can apply immediately and will make an impact.

The external speaker/facilitator was excellent, as was the mindfulness teaching. I was skeptical coming into it, but I got some nuggets from it and am eager to learn more.

I am much more aware of the importance of mindfulness in my professional and personal life.  I fully intend to apply the learnings at work and at home.

Great workshop and got me thinking a bit differently which is GREAT.

I learned that mindfulness is probably one of the single most important elements of being a good leader (and person).

I already practice some mindfulness activities and found the workshop to be a good reinforcement of why I need to make more routine habits, plus I learned new activity ideas.

The forum was informative, inspirational and fun. It was a nice balance of talking vs. doing rather than typical “training”.


Safe for Open Discussions


Many team members told me how great they thought the day was. You were really instrumental in building a safe place for the team members to have open discussions in the afternoon. The entire day went very, very well, with many eye openers for all of us. Thank you so much for putting your heart, soul and energy into our off site!                             ~Emma Claeys, Chief of Staff, Marketing

Fantastic Feedback & Breakthroughs


9.6  / 10

That this workshop took place and earned fantastic feedback; that these people found themselves coming together as a collective of colleagues, openly practicing mindfulness, across hierarchy, function, and experience are breakthroughs in themselves!