Free Recordings of Guided Meditation

Free Recordings of Guided Meditation

These free recordings come from my courses.  They lead listeners through a variety of mindfulness practices, from short, easy introductions to more longer ones that are intense, rigorous and demanding.  Find what suits you today and come back when you are ready for more.  Listen here or  download. Share them with friends and family.  I hope you make good use of  them.

Your Exquisite Face



You’ll feel the tiny muscles around your eyes soften, your brow un-wrinkle, your lips soften and grow full.  You’ll be surprised at the level of calm that comes to your mind.

4-7-8 Breath Control


Give your busy mind something to do while you develop deep concentration.


Sweeten the Mind


Use powerful, self-directed suggestions to cultivate relaxation and good mood.  Based on the work of Thich Nhat Hahn.



Cultivate calm, clear perception of what is happening, real time, in your body, emotions and thoughts.

Body Scan


Sensitize your awareness to your body and increase intuition, emotional regulation and empathy.

More Creative

“Simply wonderful. You did an amazing job. Rave reviews. Much more to go, but what an incredible 1st step. You did such a great job – everyone loved it and loved you. You have an incredible way and a tremendous impact on people….Even more accolades are coming every corner I turn. Everyone I have seen today says VERY positive things. I love the impact – different, new, creative. We are helping our creative team be … CREATIVE ! ”

Markus Saba, Diabetes Global Lead